image states 5th guy image of 5th guy holding urinal states four ot of five people wash their hands. Let's talk to the fifth guy.  

Five ways to drop a hint
for the fifth person

We all know a Fifth Person – the guy who doesn’t wash his hands, the gal who shows up at work sick, the dude who sprays us with spittle. Here’s some ways to drop just the right hint – how to say, “Hey, stop getting us all sick.”
1. Email the person a funny video about “the fifth guy” with a note that saying, “Hey, sure glad you’re nothing like this.
2. Install a salad bar sneeze guard over the person’s computer.
3. Try a new nickname like “Big Loogie,” or “Thunder Cough.”
4. Have everyone in the office send hourly “Get Well Soon” messages.
5. Wrap the fifth person’s cubicle in police caution tape.
Link to department of health site, opens in a new window
image states germs are getting stronger. Let's get smarter.